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With the growth of email marketing and also some of the negative views that people can get from “junk mail”, we have compiled a short list of six compelling reasons to use email marketing for your business. The important thing to remember in setting up any campaign is that your email should be permission based i.e. the recipient should have opted in to received communications from you. Also for the emails to succeed they should be relevant to the reader.

Building Relationships

Building sales is all about building relationships with your clients and prospects. People love to feel connected and by sending relevant and regular emails you can develop a solid relationship.



Keep Customers Informed

Careful use of permission based email-marketing helps keep your customers informed of what you are doing and what offers you are running. You can also use emails to promote new/updated product offerings or simply educate customers of the full range of products or services you offer.



It’s Fast to Respond

Once your first email has been designed and set up, future emails are quick and easy to send. One tip is not to worry about getting everything perfect, write the articles in a personal way that suits you. It is better to get an email out regularly than to spend days tweaking only for it to be delayed in sending and potentially loose it’s relevance.

Driving Traffic to Your Website

Carefully crafted emails allow links to be built in to take customers to the places on your website that you want them to land on. By carefully linking stories and images you can drive traffic to specific offers and articles therefore helping customers see the items you are promoting.



Cost Effective

Compared to Direct Mail and advertising, email marketing is much more cost effective. Admittedly Direct Marketing and Advertising have their place but with limited marketing budgets emails are proving a very popular method of communicating with customers.


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