What is SSL?
1 March 2018

What is SSL

First things first, what is SSL and why does it matter. Well, have you noticed that some URLs start with “http://” an some start with “https://”? Additionally have you also noticed that the version with the “’S” is green?

Typically in the past, this extra”s” has been seen on sites that handle sensitive information, such as when you were paying bills online.

What Does it mean

In a nutshell, the extra “s” means you are on a website that is secure and is encrypting any data you enter. The technology itself is an SSL and this stands for Secure Sockets Layer.

What is SSL technology? What this technology does is to establish an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This ensures that this data remains private. Without this technology, the data being transferred is open to hacking.

What actually happens is that your browser will form a secure link to the web server, it will look at the SSL and then form secure link between the two. This link then blocks out anyone else from “joining” the link.

What Does Google Think

The first benefit is that a site with an SSL is usually faster than one without. Google loves speed and so will straight away lift a site with an SSL up the rankings.

Additionally many browsers will soon start to show which sites are “not secure” and this is something no website owner wants for their site. Increasing data is showing that more and more people will not risk being on a site that is flagged as “not secure”.


Every website collects data of some sort, even if just using a simple contact form. This means that every site would benefit from this technology.

It is the primary purpose of SSL to ensure data is secure between the visitor and your website. With the additional benefits for SEO as well, this technology becomes an absolute must.