Start Up Business Tips
20 April 2013

Why the time’s right for start-up businesses

The BBC recently reported a rapid increase in the number of new start-up businesses developing out of sheer desperation and frustration at the lack of permanent jobs available.  And this is particularly prevalent amongst recent graduates struggling to even get ‘casual’ work.

The economy is extremely unstable and showing very few signs of improving at least in the short term.  As a direct result of the recent doom and gloom, many people are finding themselves redundant and ‘jobless’, so setting up solo seems the perfect solution.

So why not go it alone…

That’s the question many budding entrepreneurs have asked themselves.  And, to be honest, the answer is pretty simple… ‘Why not?’

Often developed from little acorns are ingenious, and sometimes downright wacky ideas, which lead to unusual and profitable ‘backyard enterprises’.

Here are our start up business tips to successfully market your new little enterprise:

1. Advertise on a small, local scale… to start with at least

You might have big ideas, but it doesn’t mean you should try to compete straightaway with the market-leaders.  You probably won’t be able to afford to either.  That’s why you should choose a local and very friendly company such as The Web hound, Chester to work hard on your branding, website, and business image.

2. Offer incentives for wary purchases to ‘try before they buy

If purchasers are unaware of your existence, the chances of them paying a high asking price may be remote.  And everyone’s looking for a bargain at the moment too.  So avoid losing sales by promoting your guarantees, or offering smaller versions of your product / service at a ‘special discount’.

3. Explore unconventional marketing method

By using a local and very friendly marketing agency such as The Web Hound, Chester, you will be able to work with professionals adept at spotting marketing areas your competitors are overlooking.

4. Join forces with other small businesses

Why not contact some non-competing small businesses serving customers in your market.  By working in collaboration, you could offer to publicise their products or services to your customers in exchange for them returning the favour.  This normally produces a large volume of sales for a low cost, and low input.

5. There’s something to be said for loyalty

If your customers already know and trust you, it’s much easier to get repeat business than from someone who’s never bought from you.

So take advantage of this loyalty by creating special deals only for your existing customers.  And make sure you announce new products and services to them first too.

6. Recommend a friend

Why not convert your happy customers into publicity agents for your business?

Develop a ‘recommend a friend’ incentive scheme to encourage existing customers to pass on your details.  And by offering a small ‘thank you’, of course, there’s no better endorsement than word of mouth.

Have we whetted your appetite?

If you feel your business needs some simple, but effective, start-up marketing support, why not talk to The Web Hound  today on 01244 336639 or email for a no-obligation quotation.

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