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Meacher-Jones Chatered Accountants Website

Meacher-Jones Chartered Accountants

Project Description

Meacher-Jones’ website is laid out in a clean and simple way to make ease of navigation really simple. The site includes various contact forms, regular news updates and also tax dates and news.


The brief was to create a site that would attract and welcome in visitors to the site. Once on, the site needed to deliver plenty of content  to keep the visitor engaged. The site also needed to include plenty of reasons to call or request further information or support.


We ensured that the content on the site was extensive and had plenty to hold the readers attention. We also ensured that it was really easy on every page to contact Meacher-Jones with additional questions that may arise. the site also has a section “Ask An accountant” which brings in traffic from anyone with an accounting question.

The site is updated weekly and news stories added at least fortnightly.

Project Details

Client Meacher-Jones

Date September 2016

Skills Web Design, Contact Forms, e-Shots

Website Feature

Bespoke Design

All our sites are built to clients individual needs but dependant on the functionality needed, this can be a simple “branding’ exercise or a highly personalised layout.

One of the great beauties of WordPress is how easy it is to personalise which is important to ensure your site does not look just like your competitors which is not good!.

Meacher-Jones site was a bespoke design which we based on the design supplied at the original brief but has over the years been modified and upgraded.

Our site is the showcase of the business and as it is so importanmt to us, I ensure it is updated every few weeks to remain topical and relivant.
David Meacher-Jones

Managing Director, Meacher-Jones Chartered Accountants