Our Work

Just a small selection of websites we have recently completed

Meacher-Jones Chartered Accountants

This site was built for one of Chester’s leading independent Accountants. The site is primarily aimed at potential clients and includes contact forms and also a support button.

Our site is the showcase of the business and as it is so important to us, I ensure it is updated every few weeks to remain topical and relevant.

David Meacher-Jones

Managing Director, Meacher-Jones Chartered Accountants



Storelectric Ltd is a developer of projects using highly efficient forms of Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) using existing technologies, at a grid scale, efficiently and cost-effectively.

As a new business, we need our website tio “sparkle” to attract investors and customers and that exactly what it does.

Tallat azad

Managing Director, Storelectric Ltd


The Oaks Development

Located at the core of the Wrexham Industrial Estate, The Oaks development is one of the largest industrial estate in Europe (2nd largest in the UK after Trafford Park).

The website is aimed at giving intrested parties mnore information about the site and the ability to download a prospectus.

We needed a way to get information about one of our developments out to the world and what better way than a website. We also included the prospectus on the site and so instead of sending out lots of information to prospective users, we just point them to the site.

Justin Paul

Managing Director, J10 Planning


Gawsworth Hall

Gawsworth Hall is a wonderful, privatly owned statley home which is still lived in by the family. Among other atrractions, Gawsworth has an open air theatre whoich attracts top acts in the summer opening times.

Our website needed to be clean and tidy and with a simple but efficient store  where we can sell tickets to our open air theatre. The Web Hound delivered just that and maintains the site on an ongoing basis to ensure any issues are fix quickly and efficiently.

Jonathan Richards

Managing Director, Gawsworth Hall