Our Webhosting is Carbon Neutral Website
3 April 2013

For the month of April we will be offering the first 12 months hosting for any new websites ordered in April.

Our hosting is with UKFast and we provide secure and scalable hosting solutions that ensure high performance and reliability, backed by a great support team.

Additionally, our server is Carbon Neutral so we are also doing our bit for the environment.

We are really proud to announce that Remarkable Design’s dedicated web server at UK Fast, is now carbon neutral. This means that all sites hosted by Remarkable, will also be balancing their carbon offsets and doing something good for the environment!

On average, a company website creates 1 tonne of CO2e every year. This is the equivalent weight of 2 adult male polar bears or 10 baby elephants and would fill the volume of a 3 bedroom home.

Data centres emit tonnes of CO2 every year. In fact, the CO2 produced by the world’s 44 million servers is approaching that of entire countries such as Argentina and is predicted to reach 533 million tonnes by 2020.

Companies can quickly and easily neutralise emissions from their website by choosing a BSI PAS 2060 certified carbon neutral hosting provider. UKFast is the world’s first hosting provider to achieve this certification, using renewable hydro-electric power to neutralize its entire operation, including all new and existing client solutions.

Displaying the 100% carbon neutral stamp on your website is also great for business, at a time when:

40% of Britons will pay 10% more for products that are better for the environment15
65% of consumers now describe themselves ethical consumers16
59% of people will now recommend a company based upon a responsible reputation16
1291% growth on expenditure on energy efficient appliances since 199916
1000% increase in spending on products that tackle climate change since 199916
52% of people bought primarily for ethical reasons in 200916
Don’t miss out on what Richard Branson describes as the greatest entrepreneurial
opportunity in history. Start making a difference today to neutralise your website.

Interested in building a carbon neutral website with us? Then please get in touch by phone on 01244 563934 or by e-mail at mail@remarkable-design.co.uk