Make your Brand Sparkle with our Top Tips
14 February 2013

We read a fantastic quote the other day and just had to share it with you.

“What is a business without a brand?  Well, it’s just like a person without a personality.”  And just think how dull, boring, and completely forgettable someone without a personality would be.

At The Web Hound, as well as designing stunning websites, we know more than a bit about branding.  And we think we have personality by the truckload too… so you’re onto a branding winner.

Not only is your brand essential to your company image…

…It IS your company image.  So your brand needs to epitomise your business in one highly creative and perfectly tailored swoop.

How can a brand be defined?

Firstly, a brand is a visual identification through a name or a logo.

Secondly, a brand is how and what people think about your business, product, or service.

Society is becoming far more critical about how things look…

…And that extends to branding.  Get it wrong, and it will have a disastrous effect on your business.  But get your branding right and, quite frankly, they sky’s your limit.

So here are The web hound’s Top Branding Tips:

  1. Consider your target market and think very hard about what you want your branding and image to say about your business.  It’s all about tone and perception.  It might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many companies get it disastrously wrong – and how many consumers get very confused as a result.

So if your business is fresh, fab, and funky then, of course, a fresh, fab, and funky image is perfect.  However, if your business is more conservative and classic then, naturally, your image should be sleeker and more professional.

  1. You’ve worked really hard to create your perfect image.  So don’t deviate.  Stick with it and make it work hard for you.
  1. A cheap logo will always look cheap.  Get your logo and branding developed by a professional and remember… you aren’t just saying what you do, you are also saying how, why, and ‘hey, we’re great – contact us today’.
  1. Use your logo EVERYWHERE.  We can’t stress how important it is to develop a ‘branding relationship’.  Potential customers need to familiarise themselves with who you are and what you do.  So don’t leave a single branding opportunity unbranded:
    1. Logo
    2. Business cards
    3. Letterheads and envelopes
    4. Corporate brochures
    5. Website
    6. Blog
    7. Emails
    8. Newsletters
    9. Invoices
    10. Statements
  1. Consistency is key.  If you want to experiment with different colours, don’t change the design.  If you want to experiment with the design, don’t change the colours.  And make sure you use the same pantone references (sorry, technical branding jargon from The Web Hound team).

Have we whetted your appetite? 

If you feel your business could do with some seriously beautiful branding, why not talk to The Web Hound today on 01244 336639 or email for a no-obligation chat.  And find out how you could enjoy a professionally designed company image that really earns its keep.

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