Content Management Systems
12 March 2013

What is CMS or a “Content Management System”?

Well, Content Management Systems have been with us for quite a while now and basically they allow the site owner to manage the content of their website themselves. This covers the editing of text, graphics and images (both in the body of the content as well as headers and sidebars) as well as any video or audio content.

Do not get confused with the design and build of a site, which remains our core function. The Content Management System allows editing once the site is up and running.

So important are these systems, that now, every site that we build has a Content Management System attached and whilst it is true that many companies leave updates to their agency, with the fast pace of change in most businesses and stronger integration with Social Media Strategies, we are seeing more and more of our clients using their CMS on a regular basis.

Whilst it is true that many systems are highly complex, can do a wide range of functions but take a while to learn, the vast majority of our sites use a system that on average takes between 30-60 minutes to get trained up to use.

And, very importantly the CMS sits on the site itself so as long as you have Internet access you have access to the system. it’s as easy as that! Additionally, you can allocate different users with different rights according to their access requirements.

Advantages of a Content Management System

You can update the content of your website when (and where) you want
Google will love your site as it rewards websites with fresh new content
No delays waiting for your web agency to schedule in updates
You can react quickly to market/client needs and update your offerings as your business evolves
CMS systems allow easy growth of a website as new pages can be added quickly and easily
No technical knowledge required, we do the coding and you use a simple admin system with predefined styling and layout
No additional agency bills for minor updates
If you want to know more about how a CMS could help you business, please email us.