Social Butterfly, will you be one this summer?
12 April 2013

As summer’s probably the most gregarious season of the year, we felt the need to shout about all things sociable, will you be a Social Butterfly this summer?

Social networking is ‘the future’…

It’s claimed that social networking sites, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, are ‘changing the way staff interact with companies.’  And although professional networking has taken a little longer to catch on, business networks are now ‘transforming the world of self-promotion and career networking’.

The social network is expanding…

As proof of their rapidly-increasing popularity LinkedIn, which was founded in 2002, is now the largest professional network with 200million acquired users worldwide.

And it’s even saving businesses money…

Many companies are turning to these social networks to find the best candidates by contacting ‘passive applicants’ with often unadvertised jobs, and bypassing costly recruitment agencies.

But can you beat ‘face-to-face’?  And does social networking enhance our ‘meeting power’…?
Increasingly, these sites are proving incredibly popular with business professionals of all levels. People are able to ‘meet’ potential clients without ever having to leave their PC.  What’s more, many people are making contact online first and then successfully meeting offline once a level of trust has been established – as opposed to the other way round.

But please bear in mind our Web Hound social networking word of caution.  It is very important to choose the most relevant professional networking site and know how to maximise your online business profile.  Get it wrong and your flight as a social butterfly could be cut extremely short.

So, will you be a successful social butterfly this summer?

Why not take advantage of Twitter, LinkedIn, and the many other networking sites available as a professional and effective marketing communication tool for your business.

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